About the Doctor

My name is Dr. Lucas Odahlen, and it is my pleasure to be in Highland, IN. I became a chiropractor because I want to help people reach their full health potential and live a long, long life – without the need for drugs. Our bodies are amazing intelligent forces of life! The power that made us really does heal us, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

I have a beautiful wife, Mindy and 4 wonderful children. My children have had chiropractic care since birth and are the healthiest kids you will ever meet. I truly feel I’m the luckiest man alive. They understand why I do what I do – so they understand the long hours I put into my patients.

I help people with pain and I help people who aren’t in pain. Sounds like a contradiction, right?

Let me explain… 95% of your nervous system is for function only. If your spine and nervous system are working properly, you will not only be healthier in the long run – you will add years to your life naturally and safely.

A big misconception about chiropractic care is that it’s just for neck and back pain. Sure, I can help that – but I can also help with headaches, foot pain, hypertension, boosting the immune system and a bunch of other things you probably never even thought about.

My goal is to remove the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms that are present. So whatever your health concern is, come in and discuss it with me. I want to help you and your entire family attain true optimal health – without the need for drugs.


Dr. Lucas Odahlen, D.C.      2116 45th St      Highland, IN 46322 (219) 924-7626